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Freak Scene #49: The Year End Edition

In this week’s Freak Scene, Jamie Johns discusses the year’s best singles, full lengths, cassettes and shows. Somehow it includes no mention of the band Emeralds. Check her writeup after the jump!

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Freak Scene #45: New Records, Old Memories

In this week’s Freak Scene, Jamie Johns takes on three new records that have captured her attention—slabs by Drunkdriver, perennial Freak Scene favorites Emeralds and Li Jianhong.

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Pygmy Shrews – "Shame Canal"

Combining the drummer of Drunkdriver (Jeremy Villalobos) and the avant noise guitar work of Zs (Ben Greenberg) with the bass and vocals of Tia Vincent leaves you with the newest insurgent into the revivalist Brooklyn hardcore scene; Pygmy Shrews. read more »

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