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Premiere: Sabbo & Ceci Bastida, “Ellos Dicen” MP3

Tijuana/LA musician Ceci Bastida was recently nominated for a Latin Grammy for “Cuando Vuelvas a Caer” from latest release, Veo la Marea, which is awesome since that album was an exercise in solid songwriting and … read more »

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Premiere Stream: Zomby, “The Forest”

Zomby killed his tweeter sometime between now and the last time we checked, so we can’t rightly tell you what he’s doing right this second. But having archived his twits in our brains, suffice to … read more »

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Stream: Magnetic Man’s Self-Titled Album

The Guardian, who has the stream, points out that this album is “a breakthrough after many mini-breakthroughs: a major label dubstep record that faces the charts and the world, not just skanked-out ravers returning home … read more »

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MIA vs. Diplo, “Sup?” MP3

Diplo tweeted this “lost/new/crazy” demo last night from Singapore, just 11 hours before washing his hair in a strip club. His assessment: “also that song has more sick lyrics and its classic mia vibe all … read more »

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LA: Amazing London Bass Show Tomorrow Starring Jamie XX

Ummm… Los Angeles, if you’re doing anything else, you might want to cancel your plans. Jamie XX’s Live from London XX afterparty tour kicks off its first leg and it’s masssiveeee, as they say in … read more »

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Premiere: Sub Swara, “Bend You” MP3

The Brooklyn/Bay Area trio Sub Swara is known for stretching far beyond the average computer rack to glean their next-level bass styles. As we noted in our Gen F in FADER 66, they travel the … read more »

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The Bug f. Flowdan, “Skeng (Autechre Dub RMX)” MP3

If you still have nightmares from The Bug‘s nasty 2008 anthem “Skeng,” consider turning on the lights for the dub remix, now further nastified by dark knights Autechre. The original was an evil warning from … read more »

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A Four-Second Clip of the New James Blake Reduced Us to Tears

Not to get all NME on you but HOLY FUCKING SHIT JAMES BLAKE YOU ARE THE BEST AND NOW WE ARE WEEPING INTO OUR ENERGY DRINK. Fact pointed out that there are short clips from … read more »

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Video: Magnetic Man f. Katy B, “Perfect Stranger”

Rising Rinse chanteuse Katy B‘s been adding levity to the grave bass that supergroup Magnetic Man‘s been making. But for their “Perfect Stranger” video, Benga, Skream and Artwork twisted it back up with a darker … read more »

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Video: Jakwob, “Here With Me”

We knew it in the back of our minds all along, but this Jakwob video proves it: dubstep was made to be the soundtrack to suburban malaise and late-night bike dates. Dear British television makers, … read more »

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