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Stream: Lonnie Holley, “Six Space Shuttles and 144,000 Elephants”

In 20 years, there’s probably one phone interview I’ll truly remember: talking with Lonnie Holley for a Personal History feature in the magazine, in which the 62-year-old visual and musical artist recounted being adopted into … read more »

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Personal History: Lonnie Holley

The inimitable artist Lonnie Holley, and his knotty life As he tells it, Lonnie Holley’s story of growing up poor in the south is nearly impossible to fathom, marked again and—almost routinely—again by trauma. But … read more »

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Ten Slept On Grammys Deep Cuts

For the past couple years, by cutting categories, throwing Deadmau5 onto a side stage and launching watch-along hashtags, the Grammys have tried to counteract the impression that their award’s importance is diminishing. This year, they’ve … read more »

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Video: Lonnie Holley, “All Rendered Truth”

Some music videos on this site, you can hit play and leave them on in the background as you go about your business. I don’t think this is one. It’s arresting—Lonnie Holley’s voice is arresting, … read more »

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