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Ghetto Palms 119: Bounty Killer / Banana Clipz / Rita Indiana / Natalie Storm / Lionfish

It’s time again for headlines from the Ghetto Archipelago. Read on to find out the latest developments in dancehall, cumbia and other invasive species. Starting from the top of the globe and working down: The … read more »

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The Cell Phone as Global Music Source: Dutty Artz and Sahelsounds’ Transatlantic Transfer

As noted recently in Ghetto Palms, Sahelsounds’ Music from Saharan Cellphones (FADER contributor and constant globetrotter Jace Clayton quickly picked up on it, and, maybe coincidentally maybe not, his label Dutty Artz just sent over … read more »

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NYC: Que Bajo?! at Santos Party House

For the first time in awhile, we’ll all be able to head over to Santos Party House on Wednesday, June 30th and dance to tropical bass jams in actual tropical New York heat. If global … read more »

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Premiere: Matt Shadetek, “Funny Cats” MP3

Matt Shadetek has never been confined by style. Though certainly comfortable in the reggae and dub-heavy lane, experimenting with sparse Brooklyn-diaspora bass licks, he likes to stay on his toes. Case in point: his next … read more »

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Ghetto Palms 102: Lil Wayne / Dutty Artz / Jovi Rockwell / Samba Funk / Zaza Twins

I don’t have a cute little theme for this week’s blend other than this: #ghetto palms. I guess technically I could have fit four XXXXs into refixxxx but that’s got to stop somewhere (I don’t … read more »

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BD1982, “Soldier (Subtract)” MP3

The expert treasure hunters over at Dutty Artz just posted this gem from Japan-based producer BD1982 (no relation to L-Vis 1990). On “Soldier (Subtract),” he sped up Erykah Badu’s “Soldier” vocals and overlaid them onto … read more »

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Video: Jahdan Blakkamoore, “The General”

The first video from the excellent Buzzrock Warrior mines the grit of the album, with “The General” a combination of Jahdan going hard in his evocative, roots-inflected voice and direct, dubsteppy beats by Matt Shadetek … read more »

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Chico Sonido’s Tribal Guarachero Mixtape MP3

Tribal’s the Mexican microgenre of rattling, cumbia-inflected dance music that emerged a couple years ago from the Distrito Federal. Dutty Artz dudes initially put us on to it in this must-read post, but it’s spread … read more »

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Jahdan Blakkamoore, “The General (Marcus Visionary RMX)” MP3

Jahdan Blakkamoore‘s album Buzzrock Warrior showed a perfectly clearcut lineage from reggae to dubstep and beyond, combining Jahdan’s gorgeous roots voice with forward-thinking low end from his Dutty Artz dudes Matt Shadetek, DJ/Rupture and others. … read more »

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You Must Download Filastine’s New Mix for Dutty Artz

Ayyy mama, this mix is MAJOR. Barcelona’s Filastine flipped this podcast for our friends over at Dutty Artz after a year-long world tour that is better described as an expedition, and it fully reflects his … read more »

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