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Cairo: Something New

Cairo finds a voice in festival music. Ahmed Farid, aka DJ Figo, sips anise tea with his crew at an open air café in Al Salam City, Egypt. They are fresh-faced and confident, dressed in … read more »

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GP 128: Egypt / Mutamassik / MIA / RajStar / 3Ball / 3/4 Revolution

Had serious problems focusing on music discovery and column-writing in the last 2 days, distracted as I was by a two-year old with bird flu (ok, not really but a two-year old with any flu … read more »

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Freeload: Fuzzy Logik f. Egypt, “In the Morning” MP3

To be honest, by the time we heard Kyla’s “Do You Mind” and decided it was going to be our summer ’09 anthem, we were reading messageboards with people saying this was their personal summer … read more »

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