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Stream: El Guincho’s Piratas de Sud America EP

One of our favorite bits about our El Guincho feature way back in FADER #54 was when it was revealed he is such a record and music nerd that he can discuss the cymbal sound … read more »

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Video: El Guincho in a Rain Forest

How Dublab set this up, who knows, but sure enough here is king of the tropics, El Guincho, playing in the rain forest. Okay, in the LA Natural History Museum’s simulated rain forest, but the … read more »

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Premiere Stream: El Guincho, “Antillas (Prins Thomas Remix)”

In his feature about El Guincho in FADER 54, Jace Clayton (aka fellow collage artist DJ /Rupture) outlined their shared nerd-out: After 15 minutes shooting the shit about Dilla and Guinean label Sylliphone and how … read more »

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Freeload: Kuroma, “In New York, Everything is Tropical” (El Guincho Remix)

To be honest, this remix sounds pretty much exactly like we expected it to — it’s El Guincho! We knew it would sound like Sebastian the Lobster from Little Mermaid playing drums on some shells, … read more »

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Freeload: Joe Crepusculo, “Gabriela (El Guincho Remix)”

Félix of Discoteca Oceano just posted some new Spanish pop by Extraperlo and Joe Crepuscolo on 20JFG, and all is good, but of course the favorite of the bunch is our man El Guincho‘s dub … read more »

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Freeload: El Guincho’s Gorila Contra Mixtape

Gorilla vs Bear just put up a contest in conjunction with iMeem to win actual cassette copies of El Guincho‘s new mixtape, which he also has up for download. Let it be a test of … read more »

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Freeload: El Guincho, “Palmitos Park”

We got in early on El Guincho with a multitude of blog posts, office plays and a general uptick in our respect for parrots (so underrated). We saw him in Williamsburg. It was great. We … read more »

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FADER 54: El Guincho Feature

Read Jace Clayton’s feature story from Issue 54 on Barcelona’s resident mindbending tropicalist, El Guincho, whose album Alegranza! gets its official international release this October 7th on Young Turks/XL Recordings .

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Live: El Guincho Needs Fewer Fans

Just kidding. El Guincho needs more fans, but Union Pool in Williamsburg maybe needs a stricter door policy or a bigger building because—and we know we contributed to the building hype around the Guinch—we couldn’t … read more »

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Freeload: El Guincho Mix

When Pitchfork slapped their “best new music” tag on El Guincho recently we can’t say we were all that surprised. Alegranza, his 2007 album on Discoteca Oceano, has been the soundtrack to our Friday afternoons, … read more »

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