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Emeralds Live at Unsound 2010 MP3

Most of us at FADER HQ are not especially attached to star signs, so when it feels like the entire music world (aka the internet) is off its rocker and we don’t have any astrology … read more »

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Emeralds, “Candy Shoppe” MP3

Your mileage with Emeralds depends on how awesome you think painted pictures of large spaceships are, because that is the best possible way to put imagery to Emeralds’ galactic pop. If that seems like a … read more »

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Freak Scene #45: New Records, Old Memories

In this week’s Freak Scene, Jamie Johns takes on three new records that have captured her attention—slabs by Drunkdriver, perennial Freak Scene favorites Emeralds and Li Jianhong.

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Freak Scene #37: No Fun Fest Part Two

Every other Monday, Jamie Johns draws attention to the choicest selections of the weird underground. In this special edition of Freak Scene: a wrap up with photos by Diana Wong and video from the first … read more »

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FADER: The Freak Scene With Zola Jesus And Emeralds

Our brethren over at the FADER have a bi-weekly column written by Jamie Johns called The Freak Scene. Well, maybe we’re freaks, because she talks about a lot of the music we cover on a regular basis, including this week’s installment with Zola Jesus and Emeralds. read more »

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Emeralds, Thurston Moore and Carlos Giffoni, Eric Copeland @ Glasslands | Brooklyn

No Fun presents a night of jagged and sometimes pretty noise at Brooklyn’s Glasslands gallery. Witnessing Thurston Moore abuse the hell out of a guitar for thirty minutes alone was worth the price of admission. read more »

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