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Eric Copeland Deconstructs Two Songs by Teenage Duo Dub Thompson

FADER PREMIERE On this new pair of remixes, New York freak-scene staple Eric Copeland puts his stamp on a couple of tracks by LA-bred newcomers Dub Thomspon. The duo, which includes teenagers Matt Pulos and … read more »

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Stream: RATKING and Eric Copeland of Black Dice, “GAUCHOS”

Converse is re-launching the CONS sneaker collection, the line of skate shoes your cool older brother may have worn in the ’90s. To celebrate, they’re releasing a compilation of original music, CONS EP VOL. 1, … read more »

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Eric Copeland, “UFO’s Over Vampire City” MP3

It’s cool that Eric Copeland from Black Dice is weird enough that he can make even a nostalgic throwback of a song sound fucked and sort of scary. Normally, we’re okay with it when new … read more »

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Schnipper’s Slept On: Eric Copeland’s Fun Jams

Each Tuesday, FADER editor Matthew Schnipper highlights an underappreciated release he thinks we need to know about. This week it’s Eric Copeland’s “Doo Doo Run”/”Fun Dink Death” 7-inch. Download “Fun Dink Death,” buy the record … read more »

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Eric Copeland of Black Dice, “Fun Dink Death” MP3

In our Animal Collective guest edited issue of FADER, Panda Bear interviewed Eric Copeland about making and listening to music. Eric gave a small treatise on how he creates: The vein I exist in is … read more »

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Emeralds, Thurston Moore and Carlos Giffoni, Eric Copeland @ Glasslands | Brooklyn

No Fun presents a night of jagged and sometimes pretty noise at Brooklyn’s Glasslands gallery. Witnessing Thurston Moore abuse the hell out of a guitar for thirty minutes alone was worth the price of admission. read more »

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Black Dice Show Captured In Paintings

We’ve seen a lot of show reviews in our day, and normally it comes down to one thing — the photos. We stopped reading the “reviews” long ago and tend to just focus on what the vibe looks like and how we imagine it would’ve looked had we been there in person. Then we saw these beautiful paintings of the Black Dice show last week at Le Poisson Rouge, and now we’re kind of hoping there are more Bob Ross wannabe’s out there who can present shows to us this way. read more »

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