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Stream: Estelle f. Rick Ross, “Break My Heart”

Freeway Ricky Rozay jumps on this new Estelle cut from the get-go delivering some smooth Maybach wordplay over what reminds us of a G-funk era beat. Estelle holds it down for the double x-chromosome team … read more »

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Swizz Beatz f. Estelle, “DJ Play the Beat” MP3

So Kanye has our Fridays locked down and now Swizz Beatz gets Mondays? This is like joint custody for our ears. Points to Swizzy for having the better artwork to go with his Monday releases … read more »

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Gucci Mane f. Estelle, “Grown Man” (Prod. by Wyclef Jean) MP3

Whenever these Gucci pop collabos come our way, there’s always the hope that lightning will strike again and we’ll get another “Break Up” or another “Obsessed” (Remix). This is neither of those things. Instead it’s … read more »

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Neckties, Pathos: Kanye West and John Legend’s Secret NY Show

“This next song’s from my album, African Child.” -Kanye West When people focus on Kanye’s televised outbursts, all-caps blogstyles and jam band-style tweeting, they’re overlooking the thread that binds it all: his sharp sense of … read more »

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Video: Estelle f. Nas and John Legend, "Fall In Love"

If you can keep yourself from freaking out over the double rainbows in the opening scenes of the video then you should also keep that steel strength when you see Estelle’s shoe game in this … read more »

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Download: Estelle Darlings & DJTrauma.com Present: #ialmostmadeamixtape

Estelle made a mixtape, but didn’t quite call it a mixtape, so where’s the commitment? To her Twitter followers, that’s who! Feeding the streets with throw-away album-worthy material is a rare thing for her to … read more »

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Estelle Introduces Three R&B New Jacks You Should Know

While NYPD was beating pumping the breaks on the droves of fans waiting to see Drake, three other new R&B acts were taking a bite out of the Big Apple. Estelle Tweeted last night about … read more »

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Estelle f. Nas and John Legend, "Fall In Love" (Remixes)

Estelle’s dating saga continues. Hey, being the leader in a relationship isn’t easy. If anyone’s gonna take the reigns, at least it would be a lady who knows what she wants. Estelle’s a good example … read more »

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The Morning After: Reflection Eternal f. Estelle, "Midnight Hour" on Jimmy Kimmel

Check in with us daily to see Suite903 artists take over TV. Today we’re watching Reflection Eternal and Estelle perform “Midnight Hour” on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

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Video: Refelction Eternal f. Estelle, "Midnight Hour"

Last week a friend tweeted at us two simple necessities. Estelle seems to cosign and we applaud her on-point styling as well. Everything about Estelle in this video we are feeling. Surprisingly, we’re also feeling … read more »

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