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Exclusive Freeload: Dre Skull, “I Want You (Bok Bok Remix)” MP3

Brooklyn’s Dre Skull has been rather busy lately, having somewhat detonated the dance/dancehall faction of the internet with his Sizzla-featuring “Gone Too Far.” Now he’s gone and traversed genres with a balloony synth track called … read more »

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Exclusive Freeload: Emynd “What About Tomorrow” MP3

It’s not Sunday morning, which is the perfect time for vocal house, but then again this new Emynd track is not in fact vocal house: it’s a really warm-sounding Bmore-style production with vocal house undertones, … read more »

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Exclusive Freeload: Sticky K, “Bandari Funk” MP3

This monster synth assault comes courtesy of California producer Sticky K, newly signed to Switch’s Dubsided label for obvious reasons: in this track, dude hits drum patterns in the crosshair like he’s wielding a taser … read more »

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Video Premiere/Exclusive Freeload: Pterodactyl, “December”

Oh shit sneak peak! In FADER #61 (on stands very soon) we’ve got a Gen F on Pterodactyl, who we caught as they were filming the video for “December” in the creepy ass Market Hotel. … read more »

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Exclusive Freeload: Major Lazer f. Lexx and Santigold, “Hold the Line (Album Edit)”

You thought Major Lazer 4/20′d your assez yesterday with their debut of the bandannnas jah heater “Hold the Line.” Guess what? SIKE!!! That version was the DJ EDIT, DUDES! FOUR TWENTTTYY! Because we drink responsibly, … read more »

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Exclusive Freeload: Sin Fang Bous, “Nothings”

It makes sense that Iceland’s Sin Fang Bous would pop up on a compilation dedicated to the spirit of the late-’70s/early-’80s New Zealand DIY scene, considering they’re from a somewhat equally musically isolated place and … read more »

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Exclusive Freeload: Dre Skull f. Sizzla, “Gone Too Far (Buraka Som Sistema Remix)”

When we were wee and copping white label UK garage twelves in like, the early oughties, our anxiety at spending entire paychecks in one record-shop excursion always dispersed when we heard the wobbly bass with … read more »

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Exclusive Freeload: Suckers, “It Gets Your Body Movin’”

You can’t help but feel that New York quartet Suckers are channeling the pop ghost of Talking Heads with their self-titled Suckers EP (out 4/14 on IAMSOUND). Their use of clean, reverb-drenched guitars, simple percussion … read more »

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Exclusive Freeload: El Guincho, “Kalise” (Tanlines Remix) + DJ Set

Not too long ago Tanlines came through the shoebox-sized EVR studio to play a bunch of records followed by an epic, sort of unplanned live set that even had the crowds waiting for tables at … read more »

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Exclusive Freeload: Como Mamas f. Mary Moore, “Trouble in My Way”

This chilling, gorgeous a cappella gospel soul track comes from the forthcoming album Como Now: The Voices of Panola County, MS wherein Michael Reilly, this Alan Lomax type dude, went down to Como, Mississippi to … read more »

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