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Aaliyah: Angel So Fly

Baby Girl, better known as Aaliyah, conjured the future between the beats. She was as enigmatic and cutting edge as R&B, pop and the rest of the music world may ever see. We glimpse the … read more »

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Aaliyah, RIP

Two years ago, we made Aaliyah the star of our annual Icon Issue, interviewing her friends, family and fans to pay homage to the Baby Girl who gave us so much greatness. Nine years after … read more »

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The War On Drugs Expands Internet Operations

Scared you didn’t we, pothead? Don’t worry, the DEA is probably only slightly more internet savvy than John McCain (he’s “getting on” soon), but we are speaking of Philadelphia’s The War On Drugs, the band, … read more »

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FADER 54: El Guincho Feature

Read Jace Clayton’s feature story from Issue 54 on Barcelona’s resident mindbending tropicalist, El Guincho, whose album Alegranza! gets its official international release this October 7th on Young Turks/XL Recordings .

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FADER 54: Lykke Li Feature

Lykke Li’s new video for “Breaking It Up” wisely focuses on her ill accessorizing and marionette-ish dance moves — two attributes which first drew us to her, along with, of course, her excellent music. We … read more »

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Video: Fleet Foxes, “White Winter Hymnal”

There’s something vaguely religious and impenetrable about Fleet Foxes, but there is also something romantic and safe about them. So in this video for “White Winter Hymnal,” when bearded clay people control the stars with … read more »

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FADER TV: Dri Live At The FADER 54 Party

Late yesterday we put up Free Blood’s performance at our FADER 54 Party, and this morning we’ve got the lovely and talented Dri fresh out of Lawrence, Kansas. Dri was one of the artists we … read more »

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FADER TV: Free Blood Live At The FADER 54 Party

For our latest issue, we decided to throw a party with some free Bass Ale in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, but somehow we ended up in a place called Shangri-La in a part of this land that … read more »

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Live: Dri, Free Blood And Blaqstarr At The FADER 54 Release Party

We piled in a grip of Bass Ale and head up to the tippy top of Greenpoint, Brooklyn this past Wednesday to celebrate the release of our Aaliyah icon issue. Dri, Blaqstarr and Free Blood, … read more »

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Live: Sahra Motalebi In A Weird Theater With Seats And Not Much Light

Sahra Motalebi wears a lot of black and wiggles her toes before songs. Last night at the Clemente Soto Velez Theater in New York’s Lower East Side she performed shrouded in sheen and fretless bass. … read more »

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