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Young Dro: Wild Horses

Young Dro is swagged, tagged and ready to take off. Young Dro is the immediate future of TI’s Grand Hustle record label and characterizes his swagger with one very weighted yet very empty phrase. “Everybody’s … read more »

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GEN F: Jenny Wilson

A Norwegian television show recently took Jenny Wilson to a carpentry studio to film her performing “Wooden Chair,” the first single from her new album, Hardships. To approximate the album’s heaps of organized patter, the … read more »

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GEN F: Omega

The dark king of Dominican mambo likes sleeveless shirts, necklaces as thick as high-voltage power cables and fitted jeans tucked into his cowboy boots. Antonio Peter de la Rosa, aka Omega “El Fuerte,” enjoys flaunting … read more »

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GEN F: Foreign Born

Last summer, the four members of Foreign Born slipped into a secluded villa nestled somewhere in the Hollywood Hills, replete with panoramic view, porch and jacuzzi. Between hot soaks and watching Michael Phelps spin gold … read more »

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GEN F: Esser

At first sight, Ben Esser seems like some anachronistic type of rockstar, nattily clad in plaid ska pants or suspenders and an unbeatable mod-top fade—a little bit Specials with some wayward art dude thrown in. … read more »

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Mike Silver used to constantly hunch over a computer in his parent’s house in Montreal, making music and brushing off his dad’s worries that too much time in front of the screen would melt his … read more »

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GEN F: D-Lo and Sleepy D

One hot spring day in East Oakland, a crew of folks from around the way engage in a street battle. They’re all rambunctious, whipping water balloons at each other and laughing, but two shirtless dreadlocked … read more »

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Remix Every Track from Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix

FADER 62 cover stars Phoenix have kept their fans well fed since the release of Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix (and its digital remix-collection shadow) in 2009, playing your girlfriend’s favorite songs across most major continents. All … read more »

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FEATURE: Phoenix Remains a Band Apart

When Thomas Mars, singer of Phoenix—the only French rock band the world has ever cared about and rightly so—offers you a bottle of wine from his father’s vineyard as you sit in the kitchen of … read more »

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FEATURE: Major Lazer x Mad Decent Interview

Diplo owns a gun. He says so while peppering a clerk with questions about a very Rambo-esque semi-automatic at a gun store in Philadelphia. His gun, used for hunting with his family, is in Florida, … read more »

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