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Smooth Criminals: Vanishing Elephant Breaks Out

Sydney, Australia’s Vanishing Elephant steers clear of any modern focus for their fall collection, instead seeking influence from their homeland’s troubled past. Settled by England as a penal colony in the early 20th century, Australia … read more »

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GEN F: Waka Flocka Flame

Waka Flocka Flame does not give a fuck. He’s the rapper that snatched a wayward wig from a pickle-jar-packed Midwest audience while a fight broke out during his incendiary first hit, “O, Let’s Do It,” … read more »

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Jennifer Egan Wins Pulitzer Prize + Read Her FADER Story

It was announced yesterday that Jennifer Egan won the Pulitzer Prize in fiction for her bananas good A Visit From the Goon Squad. Congratulations to her! Goon Squad is an incredible book covering multiple eras, … read more »

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Grab Our New Fall/Winter Playlist on Rdio

We love talkin at ya’ll on Facebook and Twitter and hope you wanna keep that conversation flowing tunewise over at Rdio, a streaming music site with a far and deep reaching collection of hits that … read more »

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FEATURE: Yelawolf Loves Rock as Much as Rap. But He’s Trying to Get it Right

Growing up poor, white and in love with hip-hop in Gadsden, Alabama would have been hard enough for Yelawolf, aka Michael Wayne Atha, if that was the only where of it. For young Atha, the … read more »

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FEATURE: Trash Talk Explode

JUST AS TRASH TALK GOES ON STAGE at the Purple Turtle, a generally crummy rock club in London, lead singer Lee Spielman stands underneath a crushing flourescent light and pours most of a bottle of … read more »

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Reheater: Keith Richards and The Wingless Angels of Jamaica

Our ongoing Reheater column from the print edition, in which we revisit and revere old records being reissued, makes its way online with the reissue of Keith Richards’ Wingless Angels project, recorded with Jamaican folk … read more »

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GEN F: Grass Widow

Grass Widow won’t admit to having predecessors. The San Francisco trio is newly signed to legendary label Kill Rock Stars, an originator and subsequent hotbed of riot grrrl and all of its subsets of dewy, … read more »

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GEN F: Flight

Flight, aka 27-year-old Steven Bevilaqua, is from Oxford, Mississippi, where, as he says, “There are good bands, but people would much rather listen to Sound Tribe Sector 9.” The music he makes couldn’t be further … read more »

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GEN F: Gold Panda

Before Gold Panda wrote glossy electronic music full-time, he bopped crackhead kleptos trying to lift sex toys from the adult shop in London where he worked. “No one else would employ me, really,” he says. … read more »

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