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Double Helix: WilliamOkpo’s Genetically Engineered Fashion

Lizzy and Darlene Okpo would have been in nursing school on the path to a reliable living right now if their father had his way. Thankfully, WilliamOkpo, after whom the sisters’ new line is named, … read more »

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Porcelain Raft’s Daytrotter Session + “Amateur’s Feeling” MP3

Conventional wisdom says that as we get older, our emotions get more tempered. You can be sentimental about love when you’re in your 40s or 50s or whatever, but it’s balanced by reason, and usually … read more »

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Urban Sprawl: Meanderware Town and Country Bags

Moe Nadal sews beautiful bags by hand for his Meanderware line in a tiny studio on 110th Street. He sells his work by appointment there, too, sharing his showroom with a pet ferret and two … read more »

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Reheater: The Fantastic Lives of Sonia Delaunay

A retrospective of Sonia Delaunay’s textile and design work will open this spring at The Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum, marking the first time in 30 years that her efforts, including paintings, garments, illustrations and … read more »

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Gen F: James Pants

Anyone who’s ever bought records has at some point in their youth been dazzled by the album cover art d’une certaine époque—the provocative collision of bare chests, candelabras, coke panic, Dacron bodysuits, winged beasts (is … read more »

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jordan askill1

Animal Hackers: Jordan Askill Reformats Mother Nature

In the midst of the recent handmade revival, Jordan Askill proudly uses high tech to design his sculptures and jewelry. It’s not that the Sydney native doesn’t have a fondness for all things natural, just … read more »


Gen F: Josh T. Pearson

Josh T. Pearson promised himself he wouldn’t shave until he put out a second record. Now he hasn’t seen his face in “over ten fucking years” and doesn’t know what he’ll do with the length … read more »

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Niki and the dove.

Gen F: Niki and the Dove

There’s a vulnerability and braveness in the voice of Malin Dahlström, the lead-singing blonder half of Stockholm’s Niki and the Dove. It’s the sound of trying something different and knowing you’re doing it right, the … read more »

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Gen F: Porcelain Raft

Standing onstage alone in New York this winter, the Rome-born, London-based Porcelain Raft, aka Mauro Remiddi, set up his small bank of guitar pedals and quietly said hello to the crowd. Then he succumbed to his … read more »

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FEATURE: Casely-Hayford’s Inherited Resistance

Joe Casely-Hayford and his son Charlie share a small two-floor studio in the Shoreditch section of London. The top floor is clean as a whistle, a showroom for their menswear brand, where each season’s clothes … read more »

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