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Itemized: Adidas Track Jacket

Every week a different FADER staff member will pick a clothing item or accessory that he or she has lately been spending a lot of time with—or would like to—and write a little love letter … read more »

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A Little Light: Walking Through the 19 Districts of Ho Chi Minh City

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Beat Construction: Girls’ Sophomore LP, Father, Son, Holy Ghost

There’s a song on Girls’ sophomore album Father, Son, Holy Ghost, that opens with a surpassingly pretty and gentle classical guitar melody. “Just a Song” was written by frontman Christopher Owens and appears just past … read more »

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Worn Out: New York’s Interns Pick a Wardrobe for Their Daily Grind

Internships are an increasingly popular employment opportunity in today’s shrinking economy. No longer exclusive to just college students, today’s interns are ambitious graduates and folks looking to break into a new industry. We asked interns … read more »

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Number:Lab Gives Athletic Wear a Fancy Physical Education

A lot of contemporary menswear just isn’t that contemporary. As we enter a half decade’s worth of nostalgic prep and trad styles, many a man is left wondering, How soon is now? Admit it dudes: … read more »

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Broad City

The Creators of Broad City Graduate from Improv Class

Abbi Jacobson, 27, and Ilana Glazer, 24, have been commuting, eating sandwiches and sometimes having sex with losers in New York for about half a decade, developing both their comedic acumen and their friendship at … read more »

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Soulland Stamps Menswear onto Your Envelope

Modern day fashion and the regimented ideals of the postal system aren’t the likeliest bedfellows. After all, mail’s most basic truth is that it’s what’s inside that counts. But perhaps understanding that they need a … read more »

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How to Take a Concert Photo

Since the birth of the decently mega-pixelled smartphone, everyone and their brother has become an amateur photographer, circle pits and bleacher seats all aglow in iPhone embers. But just because you have the means doesn’t … read more »

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Interview: Lil Niqo Tells Us to Man Up

Watching rap wunderkind Lil Niqo ape the swag of much older, seasoned rappers, you get the sense that things aren’t the same for him as they are for most 11-year-old boys. In his video for … read more »

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Back to School Essentials

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