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The New Pants: Bedwin & the Heartbreakers’ Fresh Fit

Whose life doesn’t have a clear timeline of past pants? We’ve all tried so many fits and made so many mistakes. My history is a mess, brief interludes with wide-ass JNCOs and frayed bellbottoms. I … read more »

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Exurbia: Adrift in Eastern Pennsylvania

Styling: Mobolaji Dawodu Stylist’s Assistant: Elsa Lam Model: Rae at Muse NYC

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Picturing Sun Glitters: Victor Ferreira Crafts Images to Match His Sound

Most of Sun Glitters’ album covers rely heavily on double exposure and feature a young girl obscured in a photographic haze. She dances on a beach, her big toe barely touching the sand as she … read more »

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Shot in the Dark: Here Are the Winners of FADER’s First Photo Contest

Last month, inspired by FADER #76, our annual Photo Issue, we decided to hold our first photo contest. We asked you to send us your best pictures, and over the past few weeks, boy did … read more »

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Walter Van Beirendonck: Dream Believer

Fashion’s best freak show still loves his job. This year, Belgium’s MoMu Fashion Museum Antwerp will launch a retrospective exhibition spanning Walter Van Beirendonck’s spectacular, strange career. Van Beirendonck—who became notorious a few decades ago … read more »

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Highway to Sell: On the Road with Grand St. Bakery

This summer, Neal Mello and Cyd Mullen opened the vintage store Grand St. Bakery, a huge space in Brooklyn where practically everything you see is for sale, from the soft, worn rugs on the floor … read more »

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I’m Not Not There: It’s Once Again Cool to be on Your Own Album Cover

Seems like a million years ago that dudes would spray on a pair of jeans, blow out their hair and then pose for a bunch of wild glamour shots for the covers of their own … read more »

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GEN F: Caveman

Like every New York City fairytale, Caveman’s story will end in real estate. When they make it big, they’re going to buy the old converted Con Edison building on 6th Street between 1st and Avenue … read more »

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GEN F: Future

If we could credit a single song for the overabundance of Gucci sneaker prints and stiletto heel holes dug deep into the couches of Georgia club promoters’ VIP booths this past spring, it would be … read more »

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King Krule

GEN F: King Krule

Archy Marshall just turned 17. He’s got red hair and a deep voice that sits low in the back of his throat, like it got caught halfway between his nose and his mouth. Up until … read more »

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