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Beck, Tyondai Braxton Confirmed for Philip Glass Remix Compilation

In celebration of Philip Glass’ 75th birthday, Glass and Beck will release a two-disc compilation, called Rework. The record will feature remixes of Glass’ work by Beck, Tyondai Braxton, Nosaj Thing and Memory Tapes, among … read more »

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Accra, Ghana

GEN F: Bola

Volume 7, as the name suggests, is the seventh release from Bola, who, along with a handful of others, has pioneered the fusion of traditional kologo music (the kologo being a two-stringed lute made from … read more »

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Essentials: LN-CC’s Far-Out Clothes

In the year and a half since LN-CC opened its doors in East London, it’s become one of the premier suppliers of the most progressive, complicated and weirdest clothes on the planet. In a plywood-lined … read more »

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Interview: Alexandre Plokhov

Alexandre Plokhov offsets the end of experimentation with traditional hard work. Alexandre Plokhov is wearing all black, with oddly tailored pants, an off-kilter leather vest and a Danzig hooded sweatshirt. It is likely he is … read more »

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GEN F: Julia Holter

Listening to Julia Holter discuss music school, you sense mild survivor’s trauma. “A typical piece I would hear there would be, like, ‘I’m writing a string quartet, and there’s a salsa rhythm in the middle, … read more »

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Personal History: Ethan Greene

A young composer navigates the murky zone between making difficult music and easy listening. The life of a classical music composer is, by and large, an unglamorous one. Take, for example, the case of Philip … read more »

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Look: 112 Greene Street

Jessamyn Fiore’s new book revisits a pioneering art space. The artists that emerged from New York’s avant-garde scene in the 1970s often talk about SoHo before it was SoHo: a burned-out low rent district with … read more »


Photos: FADER #79 Release Party Starring Brian DeGraw

We gathered in the made-of-glass Sky Room on the top floor of the New Museum last night to celebrate the release of FADER #79—the Icon Issue starring Philip Glass. Guests sipped Budweiser, Bushmills Irish Whiskey … read more »


The FADER #79 Podcast

Philip Glass is an icon of the avant-garde, which more or less means the star of FADER #79 is a weirdo of mythic proportions. In that spirit, and in his honor, we’ve crafted one of … read more »

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Five Experts Explain How They Discover the Best of New Art, Film, Literature, Comedy and Design

As a magazine devoted to talking about what is most current and most vital in the music world, we have infinite respect for those outlets that do the same in other arenas and genres. We … read more »

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