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Look: Ruvan Wijesooriya’s Seven-Year Portrait of LCD Soundsystem

From 2004 until the day LCD Soundsystem quit being a band, Ruvan Wijesooriya followed the group, first as a fan, and then as their adopted resident photographer. This month, powerHouse Books is releasing a monograph … read more »


Beat Construction: Ducktails

Matt Mondanile groupthinks his new solo record. Real Estate’s role as suburban New Jersey’s jangle-pop poet laureates has been greatly exaggerated—at least according to the band’s guitarist, Matt Mondanile. “It’s cool that we’re from where … read more »

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Ryan Lo’s Guide To Dressing Wild in Winter

Ryan Lo explains how to look hot in the coldest season. Despite debuting a full womenswear collection at London Fashion Week this year and being on the brink of a big, grownup career at 23, … read more »

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GEN F: GrandeMarshall

When I meet GrandeMarshall on the streets of Midtown Manhattan after the release of his debut mixtape, 800, he’s noticeably lost—a Philly kid in the big city, pumping himself up for his first big day … read more »

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Live: Ducktails at the FADER #83 Release Party

Last week, Matt Mondanile and some of the guys who”ll tour with him in the new, full-band version of Ducktails (Alex Craig, Ian Drennan, Luka Usmiani, and Sam Franklin of Big Troubles) played a jangly … read more »

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GEN F: Disclosure

As you might expect from the sons of professional musicians, Guy and Howard Lawrence had each picked up an instrument by the age of four: drums for the elder Guy, bass for Howard. Without knowing … read more »

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City States: Eight New Yorkers Share Their Hopes and Fears for 2013

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Twelve to Watch in 2013

DJs, labels and video directors to keep an eye on next year. Jerome LOL Los Angeles, CA AGE: 25 SOUND: Like a syrupy, house-informed pop musician who is dating the drummer from a middle school … read more »

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Stylists to Watch

Three stylists who’ll influence your wardrobe in 2013. Haley Wollens New York, NY AGE: 26 BEAT: Wollens got her break working with M.I.A, and her styling has since become known for its futuristic, club-kid vibe. … read more »

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Drum Majors: Four Producers to Watch

Four very different producers define the sound of rap’s future. Two years ago, Waka Flocka Flame released his debut album, Flockaveli. Of its 17 songs, 11 were produced or co-produced by Lex Luger, a Virginia … read more »

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