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Live: Young Jeezy and a Gaggle of Famous Friends

Lately, it feels like we judge big rap shows by who shows up, not by who we’re actually there to see. And doing that at last night’s Young Jeezy show at the Highline would be … read more »

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Kelly Rowland f. Busta Rhymes, Fabolous & Trey Songz “Motivation” (Remix)

Kelly Rowland is getting A LOT of action lately. When we first posted this song, it felt like an incredibly intimate, steamy ode to love making, but with everyone and their brother jumping on Rowland, … read more »

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Suite903: Fabolous’ The Soul Tape

Now that we have evidence that Beyonce is not pregnant and plans to unleash a serious tranny army this summer, I can stop having full-on panic attacks. While Bey was belting over “Pon De Floor,” … read more »

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Fabolous f. Ne-Yo and Ryan Leslie, “Look at Her (Killin Em Pt. 2)” MP3

This one for when you be killin em softly. Like, after you killed them the first time then took some time out to preserve and admire your own flawlessness, but before you ate breakfast and … read more »

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Suite903: Ryan Leslie Goes It Alone + “Joan of Arc” MP3

This week, I had a chat with Ryan Leslie— we talked about his new independent status, rap album and latest single “Joan of Arc“. I for one am beyond excited for more R. Les but … read more »

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Suite903: Love & Hip Hop, Trick or Check, Whatever It Takes

Usually I save the Lord’s Day for sports and general laying around in my stank. I try my best to stay far away from Sunday Night TV and all its wretchedness. If you turn on … read more »

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Fabolous screenshot

Video: Fabolous, “You Be Killin Em”

When Fabolous is on, he’s really on. Rapping about whatever in a disaffected way like he’s some asshole in the back of a class who constantly makes snide comments that are actually kind of funny … read more »

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Chris Brown f. Drake, TI, Kanye West, Fabolous, Rick Ross & Andre 3000, “Dueces (Remix)” MP3

There’s a tinge of guilt listening to this song as much as we do, seeing as how, you know, it’s a song by Chris Brown about how women can’t be trusted. Women can in fact … read more »

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Big Boi f. Rick Ross, Fabolous and Bun B, “Tangerine” (Remix) MP3

The original version of “Tangerine” was a great piece of late night riding music. TI sounded so enthusiastic to collaborate with Big Boi, his own substantial contribution to the great Outkast legacy. The remix is … read more »

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Lloyd Banks f. Kanye West, Swizz Beats, Ryan Leslie & Fabolous, “Start it Up” MP3

When Lloyd Banks‘ solo debut, The Hunger for More, dropped, it epitomized that era of rap as well as the political climate: it was nigh Republican in its financial thesis and economic boomtime in its … read more »

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