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Download Brenmar’s FACT Mix

Brenmar has made a striking, funny and electric mix for FACT magazine. The whole thing feels constantly energized and excited like his mixes always do. Hip-hop becomes experimental dance and vice versa because Brenmar knows … read more »

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Download Nguzunguzu’s FACT Mix

Every new Nguzunguzu mix brings us instant joy (see here, here and here for further proof). Our entire week gets reconfigured around how many times we can listen and dance to it. Their FACT mix … read more »

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Clams Casino’s FACT Mix MP3

Those hoping for otherworldly explorations into Clams Casino’s warped mind, will probably have to look elsewhere (like his Rainforest EP), because this mix he made for FACT is a mostly straightforward collection of rap tracks—some … read more »

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Hype Williams FACT Mix

Hype Williams’ FACT Mix MP3

If it seems like we post just about every FACT mix, it’s probably because they’re a great window into the minds of some of the more obtuse artists around. Hype Williams (the duo, not the … read more »

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Optimo FACT cover

Optimo’s FACT Mix MP3

Having flashbacks to Optimo DJing in a weirdly bright room at Don Hill’s sometime in 2006 or 2007. Don’t really remember what was played, but there was a lot of dancing in spite of the … read more »

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So uh, CREEP are doing a song with Nina Sky, the great lost R&B duo that never quite blew (but did get a FADER cover). No idea how that’s going to work, unless CREEP got … read more »

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Mike Simonetti’s FACT Mix MP3

Super bummed that no tracklisting is available for this, although we’re sure someone especially enterprising could figure it out and leave it in the comments for us. Either way, Mike Simonetti—the man behind Troubleman Unlimited … read more »

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Rebolledo’s FACT Mix MP3

A few months ago, someone sent us a link to Rebolledo‘s inscrutable, melodramatic “Guerrero” video, for a minimal track on Kompakt which features Rebolledo shouting into the camera so vehemently he appears to want to … read more »

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Ariel Pink Fact Mix MP3

If this had been 40 minutes of Ariel Pink standing next to a carousel and recording the music onto a Talkboy, we would not have been surprised in the least. Instead, we get an unknown … read more »

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