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Nearly four years ago now, Edmonton quintet Faunts came out of nowhere with an album of blistering, mercurial post-rock/shoegaze that ranked right up with greats like Young Team and Nowhere, that left pink-pop/noise aficionados slack-jawed and awed in its wake. But four years is eons in terms of a band, and echoing the changes of the world around them, Faunts’ second full-length record is, in terms of pure sound, a vast departure from their debut. read more »

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Faunts – "It Hurts Me All The Time"

The wait is almost over for Faunts fans, as the follow up to Faunts Remixed, Feel. Love. Thinking. Of., comes out February 17 on Friendly Fire Recordings. And the even better news is that we’ve got the first single here, no line, no waiting. read more »

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