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Iron Chef Artwork by www.FortyFPS.com

Fiend, “PSA Your Lady” MP3

Fiend aka International Jones just teamed up with producers Cookin Soul for a 9-track mixtape entitled Iron Chef. Fiend’s suave persona fits snugly into the classic soul sounds whipped up here, and “PSA Your Lady” … read more »

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Fiend, “Mardi Gras” MP3

Since tomorrow is Fat Tuesday (that’s Latin for “Mardi Gras”), it’s only appropriate to party with New Orleans-born rapper Fiend. Fiend’s evolution into his composed, relatively-restrained International Jones persona is very much evident here, an … read more »

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Mystikal and Fiend, “I’ont Like You” MP3

New song by Mystikal and Fiend: also known as two dudes teaming up to yell and growl a bunch. No but really, in no small part to producer KLC, this sounds like Vintage Mystikal: tense … read more »

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Video: Fiend, “Swamp Land”

Besides being very melancholy, this track from longtime New Orleans producer Fiend knocks—there’s a reason his aka is Mr. Whomp Whomp—and we are telling you right now, this is gonna be your weekend theme song. … read more »

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Video: Fiend, “Knees Deep”

One of the most left field rumors we’ve heard in awhile is that Fiend—formerly of No Limit, formerly of Ruff Ryders and currently an unheralded producer as well as the proprietor of consistently slept on … read more »

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Audio: Fiend, “Fuck They Hatin Ass”

Fiend is one of those underrated rappers that it seems like only one dude on the entire internet still likes. After a series of good breaks gone bad (signed to No Limit for a time … read more »

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