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Win A Green Label Sound Vinyl Package Feat. Matt And Kim, Cool Kids, Flosstradamus, Chairlift

The needles on our record players haven’t stopped spinning from this past weekend of vinyl indulgence — both purchased and listened to on Record Store Day this past Saturday. So, instead of keeping all the greatness that is vinyl to ourselves, we thought it might be nice to give away some free records from our friends at Green Label Sound. And while we’re at it you can have a tote bag as well. After all, the best things in life come in 7″ and 12″ packages. read more »

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SxSW 2009 Photos – Flosstradamus @ Opal Divines

Photos by Matthew Reeves

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Noise Pop Day Five

It is one year ago this month that my most ridiculous faux-rock star crush was born. The sequined jacket, the gloves, the Ray Bans — Ricky Reed from wallpaper. was delivered into my life and thus sparked a deranged love affair to last for all eternity. read more »

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Video/Freeload: Chairlift Vs. Kanye + Blaqstarr Bang Out

So yesterday when we questioned the completion status Kanye’s new video we neglected to actually check Kanye’s post of it. Turns out he only released it now because Chairlift had already released a video for … read more »

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Noise Pop Sets Schedule, Deerhunter To Open, Les Savy Fav To Close This Years Festivities

It’s almost February, which means it’s definitely time to start the official countdown to Noise Pop 2009 — especially with the announcement today of more confirmed additions to the line-up, film fest picks and opening night party details. read more »

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Boosted Castles

We shipped Toronto-based Crystal Castles into the Nevada desert last week for a Magic Trade show dance party hosted by boosted and The FADER. With ’90s warm-up set courtesy of Roxy Cottontail and Staccato and … read more »

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Feature: On the Floor with Chicago’s Juke DJs

Chicago‚Äôs Dan Ryan Expressway has been undergoing heavy repairs for the past few years, and the construction makes rush hour a slow crawl at best. Traffic got so bad that the Illinois Department Of Transportation … read more »

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