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Earl Sweatshirt, “Whoa” Live at the FADER FORT Presented by Converse

This afternoon, Earl Sweatshirt, along with his DJ Captain Murphy aka Flying Lotus, hit the stage at the FADER FORT Presented by Converse. He tore through songs old and new, include this definite hit, “Whoa.” … read more »

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Watch Earl Sweatshirt Perform New Songs in LA

On Wednesday night, Earl Sweatshirt played an unannounced show in LA, accompanying Flying Lotus at Low End Theory. (The two performed “Between Friends” together at the same club last year, when FlyLo revealed himself as … read more »

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Captain Murphy Is Flying Lotus

As suspected, Flying Lotus is the man behind mystery rap act Captain Murphy. Draped in a gold cape, Lotus performed as Murphy last night at The Airliner in LA. The promised, deluxe edition of Murphy’s … read more »

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Stream: Flying Lotus’ Bedtime Mix for BBC Radio 1

Last night, Flying Lotus called into Annie Mac’s BBC Radio 1 show to talk about music suited for soundtracking the wobbly, ethereal moments when your head is on the pillow but you haven’t yet fallen … read more »

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Freak Scene: Interview with Flying Lotus

Listening to Flying Lotus’ new album, Until The Quiet Comes, feels like coming up for air. His previous LP, Cosmogramma, was monolithic. Layering dueling sounds on top of each other in an endlessly busy display … read more »

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Environments: Boiler Room Goes International

In the endless debate as to whether or not the internet helps or hinders our ability to connect as human beings, we have a counterintuitive point on the pro side from Boiler Room, a private … read more »

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In Portland With: Music Fest NW

Music Fest NW is the perfect way to learn Portland. For five nights, bands from the fest’s insane lineup perform in venues spread across town, the city quickly becoming a seamless blend of cabs, lines … read more »

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Stream Flying Lotus’ Album Until The Quiet Comes

On his past releases, Flying Lotus’ main trick was sensory overload. He’d pile loops on top of each other, dueling drumbeats would collide, and the first five times you listened to any song, you’d usually … read more »

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Flying Lotus

Video: Flying Lotus, “Putty Boy Strut”

After unveiling a short film he conceived as a companion piece to his Until The Quiet Comes LP, LA beatsmith Flying Lotus is back with a video for lead single “Pretty Boy Strut,” which weaves … read more »

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Live: Portland’s Music Fest Northwest

In a couple key ways, if you’ve been to one music festival, you’ve basically been to most of them. I don’t say that in a disparaging way, more just to point out that at these … read more »

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