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Raury Blends Acoustic Folk And Broad R&B on “Cigarette Song”

Atlanta’s teenaged Raury returned today with “Cigarette Song,” co-produced by Daytrip and maintaining the folk/soul hybrid sound he’s toyed with on breakout track “God’s Whisper” and FADER favorite “Sunshine.” He sent us over a few … read more »

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Staff Selects Playlist: Laura Marling, Little Love Caster

Every week, a different FADER editor compiles a playlist to highlight a new release and give you a guide to that artist’s web of influences and peers. These Staff Selects live in our Spotify app, … read more »

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Personal History: Lonnie Holley

The inimitable artist Lonnie Holley, and his knotty life As he tells it, Lonnie Holley’s story of growing up poor in the south is nearly impossible to fathom, marked again and—almost routinely—again by trauma. But … read more »

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Stream WALL’s Shoestring EP

On April 2nd, WALL, the solo venture of London producer/singer (and roller skate fan) Lyla Foy, will release the Shoestring EP. A spellbinding mix of soft folk and simple electronics, it’s an impressive debut, at … read more »

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Dana Falconberry, “Please Sparrow” MP3

Austin, TX, folk singer Dana Falconberry’s Leelanau LP, which sees her backed gracefully by a six-piece band, is named after her childhood retreats to Michigan’s Leelanau peninsula, imbuing the record with a soft-hearted woodsiness. “Please … read more »

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Stream: Little Wings’ LAST LP + Interview

This might be Little Wings’ last album. Or at least that’s what it seems we’re supposed to think about the new double-LP by Kyle Field, the doe-voiced, traveling Californian whose first band included M. Ward, … read more »


Video: Lonnie Holley, “All Rendered Truth”

Some music videos on this site, you can hit play and leave them on in the background as you go about your business. I don’t think this is one. It’s arresting—Lonnie Holley’s voice is arresting, … read more »

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Steffaloo, “Can’t You See” MP3

Steffaloo, the LA singer featured on woozy electronic productions by Sun Glitters and others, prefers simple folk instrumentation for her own music. But thanks to her calming voice, always sounding the way color-changing leaves look … read more »

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Video: Feist, “Cicadas and Gulls”

Recently, Feist took a break from her summer-long tour to film an on-the-street video with her tourmates Mountain Man, performing Metals’ “Cicadas and Gulls” with supportive interpretive dancing by Oakland’s Turf Feinz. In between sirens … read more »

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Stream: Meg Baird, “No Song to Sing” (Michael Chapman Cover)

Oh Michael, Look What You’ve Done: Friends Play Michael Chapman is a new covers compilation organized by the 71-year-old legend of British folk music’s wife, Andru, and Josh Rosenthal, of the seminal acoustic label Tompkins … read more »

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