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Video: Freeway’s Hard Work and Cheesesteaks

Freeway’s a walking fashion feature. Here he shows off symbolic jewelry honoring album releases and his group State Property, as well as the shirt off his back from a clothing line he’s developing. But there’s … read more »

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Video: Freeway, “What We Do” (Live in Philly)

Perched on the balcony at Philadelphia’s Fluid nightclub, Freeway brings a rugged energy to “what we do.” No phony vocal track pushed through the speakers here—this is the sound of a man confident in his … read more »

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Coming Soon: Freeway and Cheesesteaks

Freeway is so ingrained in his city’s lore, it’s not surprising men on the street describe him like this: “Philadelphia Freeway, he’s like the cheese to the Philly cheesesteak.” Here’s a preview of his upcoming … read more »

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Freeway’s The Intermission Mixtape

I don’t care what anybody else says, State Property was the most talented rap crew to emerge at the turn of the century. And one day they will get their collective shit back together and … read more »

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Download: Philadelphia’s Entire vitaminwater uncapped LIVE Show

A couple weeks ago, our friends at East Village Radio live-streamed Philadelphia’s entire vitaminwater uncapped LIVE show, which featured Freeway, Young Chris and Sean Falyon. Now we’ve got the download, all three hours of it, … read more »

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Photos: vitaminwater uncapped LIVE in Philadelphia

There were perfect vibes at Fluid last night in Philly for the city of brotherly love’s vitaminwater uncapped LIVE show. Sean Falyon brought his mother—a longtime Philadelphia police officer—out, Young Chris brought three of the … read more »

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Philadelphia: vitaminwater uncapped LIVE with Freeway, Young Chris and Sean Falyon, 6/16

We’ve started rolling out some videos from past vitaminwater uncapped LIVE events, but the tour’s still going full steam. Next Thursday, June 16th, we’re bring the party to the sixth borough, taking over Fluid nightclub … read more »

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Video: Freeway, “Escalators”

Getting older in rap. Hard thing to do, right? Some dudes are built for it. Scarface, pretty much anyone who was once on Roc-a-Fella and was able to release more than one album. That, of … read more »

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Freeway, “Rock Star” MP3

This is probably a leftover from Freeway and producer Jake One’s Stimulus Package. You can tell because Freeway makes a super timely balloon boy reference and also because it was produced by Jake One. It … read more »

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Video: Freeway & Jake One, “She Makes Me Feel Alright”

Still pleasantly surprised at how The Stimulus Package, the unlikely collabo between longtime Philly scion Freeway and West Coast producer Jake One, turned out, with Free’s clipped East Coast rhythms cutting some edge into Jake’s … read more »

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