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New York and Philadelphia uncapped MP3s: French Montana, Frenchie, Vado and Freeway

Every Monday for the past two months we’ve shared exclusive tracks from uncapped LIVE artists. This final week brings selections from New York and Philadelphia, with tracks by French Montana, Frenchie, Vado and Freeway. Download: … read more »

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Brick Squad Weekly Roundup: Oct. 17-21, 2011

This week launched on the most important day of the Brick Squad year, the only Brick Squad holiday that doesn’t scream at you. That’s right October 17th, or 10/17. In past years the date has … read more »

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Video: Frenchie, “Who Dat” and “Run My City” (Live in New York)

Frenchie seems pretty reserved on stage during “Who Dat”—tough-postured but calm as he describes arsenals and newly purchased mansions. Clearly he was saving his energy for “Run My City,” so that right when the “Go … read more »

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Brick Squad Weekly Round Up: Aug 21-26, 2011

After taking an off-week, the Brick Squad Monopoly to monopolize the trap and/or your RSS reader. At least some of them are. Apart from dropping just one Ferrari Boyz video Waka and Gucci have been … read more »

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Video: Frenchie, “So Gone”

Frenchie might be the least adored and consistent of the Brick Squad Monopoly but when he does hit the mark he tends to do so immaculately—”So Tired” and “Nightmares” come to mind. Though mellower and … read more »

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Video: Frenchie Shows How He Represents Brick Squad in NYC

Growing up, Frenchie bounced back and forth between georgia and new york, which is where we caught up with him. though he handles it effortlessly, as the So Icey North representative and the only member … read more »

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Video: French Montana, “Straight Cash” and “Shot Caller” Live in New York

Morocco-born, South Bronx-raised rapper French Montana filled the stage at Brooklyn’s Southpaw with a small army. In this live recording, fellow uncapped artist Frenchie pops up by his side, and you can hear DJ Lazy … read more »

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Coming Soon: Frenchie Takes Us Back to the Hood He Grew Up In

Here’s the trailer for our upcoming documentary on Brick Squad Monopoly’s energetic New York ambassador, Frenchie, featuring just a taste of his reckless dread-shaking and self-proclaimed “hood rockstar music.”

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Frenchie’s Bringing Gangsta Back Mixtape

Despite Gucci’s exclusionary taunts on “Volume“—Brick Squad movement and no you’re not a part of it—the Brick Squad roster has swelled to immeasurable numbers in the years since. It’s so large, in fact, that it … read more »

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Waka Wooh Da Kid

Video: Waka Flocka f. Wooh Da Kid, Frenchie, YG Hootie, Bo Deal & Papa Smurf, “Everything Brick Squad”

Potentially the most bizarrely uplifting track in the entire Brick Squad catalog, we’re going to ignore the “monoploize” misspelling in the first couple seconds of the video and say that this is a pretty good … read more »

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