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NYC: Go See Frikstailers Tonight + MP3

New York! Frikstailers are from Buenos Aires TECHNICALLY, but we think it’s a ruse and they’re really from a crazy outer-space planet whose inhabitants speak in electro-cumbia blips. Like the dolphins! They’re on a little … read more »

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Premiere: Frikstailers ZZK Mixtape Vol. 10

Live, Frikstailers dress themselves up in tropical muppet drag—they cap their heads with multicolored wigs and bug-eyed glasses as if to under-emphasize their skillful noodling on keyboards, racks and drum machines. But whether it’s an … read more »

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Video: Major Lazer, “Hold the Line (Frikstailers Cumbia RMX)”

It’s weird how this cumbia remix almost makes Mr. Lexx sound like he’s speaking some sort of mutant Spanish—is there a name/such a thing as a Spanglish patois? Linguists, get at us. It basically goes … read more »

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