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Dean and Britta and Mercury Rev Played On a Porch at an Antique Store in Phoenicia, NY

Backed by Jonathan Donahue and Grasshopper of Mercury Rev, Dean and Britta played some songs on Mystery Spot Antique’s porch in Phoenicia, NY this past weekend as part of a Music For Front Porches series. … read more »

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Happy Fourth of July… Love, The Tripwire

We’re still blogging, for you, for the rest of the day and deep into the weekend. But we just really wanted to put this up as soon as we could.


Tripwire Video Premiere: Galaxie 500's "Fourth Of July"

In honor of Galaxie 500′s 2010 reissuing plan, we’d like to take this opportunity to call attention to our favorite Galaxie 500 video moment: this smelly gorilla eating an unidentified object while showered with some … read more »

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Galaxie 500 Reissuing Just About Everything

Domino UK will release deluxe versions of 90s dreamweavers Galaxie 500′s three albums on March 22. The band’s debut album, Today, will include a rarities disc, Uncollected, which was originally released in 1996 as part … read more »

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Insound 10 Project Announced

Indie rock heaven. read more »

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Galaxie 500 To Re-issue Discography in Patriotic Fashion

God bless America. read more »

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