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Hear New Music from Brian DeGraw of Gang Gang Dance

The music in this video of Brian DeGraw on his own sounds like the makings of new Gang Gang Dance music—tinny percussion, uptown rhythm, a casual bloop. But he goes heavy minus the group, and … read more »

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Download Weird Christmas Songs by Wiley and Members of Gang Gang Dance

Presumably in the spirit of sanctioned drunkenness at corporate holiday parties, Calvin Klein (!?) commissioned Gang Gang Dance’s Lizzi Bougatsos and Josh Diamond to produce a twisted, sexy holiday song entitled “Holiday (Dope Xxxmas).” Bougatsos … read more »

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Gang Gang Dance, “Chinese High (Nguzunguzu Remix)” MP3

When Gang Gang Dance announced they were taking Nguzunguzu on tour, the collective vibe in our office was pretty much, OF COURSE THAT SHOULD HAPPEN! And then Schnipper did this thing he does where he … read more »

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Gang Gang Dance, “Chinese High” (Gg Remix) MP3

Gang Gang Dance’s “Chinese High” gets a reworking from NYC-born and bred producer Gg, bka GG Netter, who began his studio career mixing songs for underground hip-hop artists in the early 2000s. His “Chinese High” is … read more »

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Live: Gang Gang Dance Played on a Boat

The thing to do on the hottest night in the history of 2011 (except today—ED.) so far was to board The Star Of Palm Beach, a two-story Bat Mitzvah yacht packing black lights, heaped on … read more »

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Russell’s of Clapton: A Bed and Breakfast That Doesn’t Have Any Weird Old People

Apparently, somewhere in Brooklyn is a secret Bed and Breakfast that plays host to a number of touring bands. That is awesome. It’s cool that there are secret spots in New York still. And while … read more »


Gang Gang Dance, “Mindkilla (Lee Scratch Perry Remix)” MP3

Legendary vibes manager Lee Scratch Perry re-imagined Gang Gang Dance’s psych-cardio track “MindKilla” as an 8-minute mutant dub about rats eating cops. His engineers in Negril, Jamaica loved, “the great voice of Lizzi.” This is, … read more »

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FEATURE: Gang Gang Dance is Slowly Closing in on the Perfect Global Beat

Not too long ago, a self-styled downtown New York legend was quoted in the New York Times Magazine in an article about streetwear as saying, “I’m so downtown I don’t go above Canal Street.” It … read more »

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Taka Imamura Is Gang Gang Dance’s Spirit Guide

At just about every Gang Gang Dance show of the past two years, there has been a Japanese man crouched behind the band waving a flag made from a trash bag and a broomstick. Rumored … read more »

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Gang Gang Dance Play Live Forever and Ever and Ever

Inspired by Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama’s infinity rooms, Gang Gang Dance recorded a coruscating live set at 4AD Studios. Infinitely reflected by a wall of mirrors, the band got into the zone, trilling chimes and … read more »