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Video: The Crystal Ark, “We Came To”

Infused with sci-fi emblems and abstract imagery, the Crystal Ark’s latest video for “We Came To,” directed by Viva Ruiz, is a hypnotic, out-of-this-world escapade: synchronized dancers, voguing and trippy visual effects reminiscent of the … read more »

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Stream: The Crystal Ark, “We Came To (House Mix)”

As experimental as Gavin Russom can get, his Crystal Ark project has seemingly become the place for him to play with long-form electronic music traditions. Building on disco and classic house, “We Came To (House … read more »

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Stream: The Crystal Ark, “Tusk (Fleetwood Mac Cover)”

At first, The Crystal Ark seems like a surprising addition to the Just Tell Me That You Want Me tribute album, but then, when you think about the fact that they’re covering Tusk’s bombastic title … read more »

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Gavin Russom’s Mix for Fact

Some time ago, we posted another Fact mix and someone says “Geez, FADER, what Fact mix are you going to post next?” which is a bit like asking “Geez, Hanukkah Fairy, why are you bringing … read more »

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The Juan Maclean, “Accusations (Gavin Russom Remix)” MP3

This is a mashup between Juan Maclean vocalist Nancy Whang and Gavin Russom (who appears to have deaded his Black Meteoric Star moniker). It’s called a remix—understandably, that’s a way cooler denotation than mashup—but basically … read more »

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Freeload: Gavin Russom Mix for 20JFG

Only a site as stylistically esoteric and linguistically labyrinthine as 20 Jazz Funk Greats would write a long post about astronomers and Goya’s nightmares and weird little bands with crazy songs and then plop a … read more »

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Video: Gavin Russom Live In France

Gavin Russom played in France with art balloons. This is a dream life. Do you think it is for him? When we dream, it is organ philandering and rainbow lights. But maybe in order to … read more »

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