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New Music Thursdays – GDFX

Anyone who’s familiar with the Brooklyn and Baltimore scenes has run across GDFX at one point or another. You might know him better as one of the members of Teeth Mountain and the newest drummer for Liturgy. Or maybe you’re looking forward to seeing him on his current stint backing Dan Deacon as part of Deacon’s 14-person touring ensemble. And if you’re really in the know, maybe you’ve booked a show at Market Hotel through him or are hip to his micro-label Infinite Limbs. Either way, Greg Fox is a man who wears many hats whose solo project goes by the title of GDFX. read more »

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New Music Thursdays – dANA

Another freak, electronic outfit who now calls Brooklyn home and like giving away their music for free, which is good news for us. With an ambiance of Soft Circle, the frenetic craziness of Lucky Dragons and the pop sensibilities of Dan Friel, dANA mixes anything and everything to pull off hipster noise-art that doesn’t make us cringe. read more »

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