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GLC, “Pimp You” MP3

Chicago’s GLC just released Cathedral, an 11-track mixtape entirely produced by the Blended Babies production team. Standout “Pimp You” oscillates between two tempos, switching from a danceable old school filter-disco sample to a more rap-friendly … read more »

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GLC, “Angry Birds” (Prod. by DJ Ayres) MP3

“Angry Birds” is basically GLC’s version of R. Kelly’s “Real Talk,” a not totally rock solid defense of his relationship, where GLC consoles his girlfriend amid accusations from jealous women that he’s cheating. The genius … read more »

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BBU f. GLC, “The Hood” MP3

BBU‘s 2009 single “Chi Don’t Dance” was a politically-charged version of “Watch My Feet”-style juke-rap fusion. While the group has left the genre-recombination behind on new single “The Hood,” they’ve retained the political sensibility, promising … read more »

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Tree f. GLC, “Texas Tea” MP3

Chicago rapper and producer Tree has an admittedly unusual name, but it’s one that reflects his unique approach to music. The rapper is a member of the group Project Mayhem, whose track “Just Chill” (from … read more »

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GLC f. Cold Hard, Yelawolf and The Carps, “Empty Town” MP3

GLC celebrated his birthday yesterday, as well as the release of his third mixtape of the year, Eternal Sunshine of the Pimpin’ Mind. (Earlier in 2011, he dropped Fellowship of the Ism and I Know … read more »

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GLC, “Show You What This ISM Do” MP3

Only some omniscient music higher power could answer our endless questions about what would have happened if GLC became a rap megastar, but we can tell you right now that we have absolutely no problem … read more »

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It Would be Cool if GLC was Living Larger

We don’t mean in the OMG WHAT IF GLC WAS SUPER RICH way, because for all we know he spends his free time diving into a giant cavern of coins like Scrooge McDuck. Instead, we … read more »

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Video: Bun B f. GLC & BJ the Chicago Kid, “Happiness Before Riches”

As hard as Bun, BJ and even GLC go on this track, you have to give equal credit to producers the Weathermen, whose air-conditioned ’70s swing makes the dudes’ lean-back raps a hundred times cooler. … read more »

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GLC f. Cold Hard, “A Gangstaz Nature” MP3

With all the wishful thinking about sunshine and relaxing in the music being released this year, you’d think dudes would get a clue and start exploring GLC‘s back catalog, which is full of clever, slurred … read more »

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Video: Kanye West f. GLC & Consequence, “Spaceship”

GLC posted this five year old unreleased video on his blog and called himself, Kanye and Consequence “young dreamers.” It’s an apt description of the song from Kanye’s first album, which is about some head … read more »

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