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Video: TECLA Takes Off Her Mask

Last week, TECLA unleashed her free spirit upon New York performance space, House of Yes. Hair in her face, sweat keeping her cool, nothing can fetter her (thanks to hefty drumming by Kassa Overall) from … read more »

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Iron Solomon f. Gordon Voidwell, "Spring Fever" MP3

Judging from the hodge-podge of colors and patterns decorating Gordon Voidwell’s wardrobe (and clothing line) his style thinks so far outside the box that he seems like he’s not playing with a full deck. Really … read more »

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Gordon Voidwell, "Ivy League Circus" MP3

Gordon Voidwell’s synths drive us mad, almost as much as his style does. We can’t help but jam to all his funkiness—Electric Slide jam (just kidding). “Ivy League Circus” is a synth-heavy two-step tune that … read more »

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Gordon Voidwell, "Disco Afternoon" MP3

The joke’s on you if you believed there’s nothing but emptiness in the world of Gordon Voidwell. There’s plenty of synths, guitars, and other noisemakers to comb through on the Brooklynite’s new song “Disco Afternoon.” … read more »

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