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Gosha Rubchinskiy Stages His First Runway Show

Gosha Rubchinskiy is the type of designer more likely to stage presentations of his clothes at refurbished Cold War-era gymnasiums than any typical fashion settings: the Russian menswear maven’s streetwear sensibility has always been tethered … read more »

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Stream Gosha Rubchinskiy’s Spring/Summer 2014 Rave Playlist

Russian designer Gosha Rubchinskiy always incorporates music into his youthful collections, although we’re more used to hearing Henry Rollins in our heads when we see his punk-inspired clothes than deep rave from the 1990s. Rave … read more »

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Gosha Rubchinskiy Goes a Bit More Grown Up

It might be a bit weird of us to call a lookbook modeled on a 15-year old Parisian kid named Pablo “grown up,” but still, there’s something slightly more mature about Gosha Rubchinskiy’s latest collection … read more »

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Gosha Rubchinskiy Remakes Old Skool Vans

It was just a matter of time before Russian designer Gosha Rubchinskiy got his hands on a pair of Vans to reimagine; the Moscow menswear maker has had a healthy obsession with American skate icons … read more »

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Supreme Teams Up with Gosha Rubchinskiy

A match made in hardcore heaven: Supreme’s superb fall collection of ’80s New York retreads paired with Black Flag-loving Russian punk designer

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Gosha Rubchinskiy Gets Delicate For Spring

Moscow-born designer Gosha Rubchinskiy‘s latest lookbook takes his punk roots and gives them a decidedly brighter twist for spring. Known for his skate-inspired streetwear, Rubchinskiy drew inspiration from the Post-Soviet youth and Russia’s ’80s punk … read more »

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First Look: Gosha Rubchinskiy’s New Collection, Straight from Russia

Since around 2010, the young Moscow based designer Gosha Rubchinskiy has been photographing his perfect updates of punk classics on his skater friends around Russia. And they really are the best models for his reimagined … read more »

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Gosha Rubchinskiy’s Simple Spring 2013 Collection

Gosha Rubchinskiy’s menswear feels like the freshest, most relevant around. Made in conjunction with Japanese avant-gardists Comme des Garçons, the 26-year-old Russian designer built his collection around simple, un-fashiony ideas like the common workout sweatsuit … read more »

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Punk Designer Gosha Rubchinskiy Is Back

After almost two years of relative sartorial silence and his biggest fans (us) waiting impatiently for his return, Russian designer Gosha Rubchinskiy has finally made a comeback. It’s not that he’d been sitting idle in … read more »

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Gosha Rubchinskiy is Back, Collaborating with Altamont

Russian wunderkid Gosha Rubchinskiy was our favorite designer for a split second about two years ago. We wanted all of his clothes, loved his photographs of dejected Russian skaters and punks wearing those clothes, interviewed … read more »

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