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Stream: Lakutis, “Chinese Slippers”

Lakutis resurfaced late last year with “Body Scream,” a melodious paean for a lost lover and the first song shared from his forthcoming full-length album, Three Seashells. This latest release from the album finds the … read more »

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Video: Le1f, “Spa Day”

There’s a moment in the new video for Le1f’s Fly Zone track “Spa Day” where the rapper, who’s usually prone to hyperbolic eye-rolls, drops the sass and flashes a big, sincere grin. We’d smile too … read more »

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Video: SAFE, “Black Satin Living Room”

Straddling the border between friendship and romance is a universal, age-old predicament that’s been the subject of more pop songs than we care to count. But that doesn’t make it any less shitty. On “Black … read more »

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Download Antwon’s In Dark Denim Mixtape

Valentine’s Day is an interesting release date for San Jose rapper Antwon’s latest mixtape, free via Greedhead: In Dark Denim is at once an antidote to the day’s lovey-dovey fare and embrace of people fucking, … read more »

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Download LE1F’s Fly Zone Mixtape

Oh shit, the new LE1F mixtape is here. It’s called Fly Zone, and out for free via Greedhead and Camp & Street, the Palms Out side-label run by LE1F himself. On first listen, with LE1F’s … read more »

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Download Meyhem Lauren’s Album Respect the Fly Shit

Queens rapper Meyhem Lauren’s Respect the Fly Shit is primed for internet lore: the album was recorded with an overflowing crew—Tommy Mas and Harry Fraud split production, and guest features include Action Bronson, Riff Raff, … read more »

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Video: Big Baby Gandhi, “Been A Villain”

Here’s the Katy Porter/Ashok Kondabolu-directed video for Big Baby Gandhi’s “Been A Villain” from his latest mixtape, NO1 2 LOOK UP 2. Looks like the 22-year-old Greedhead MC might be a fan of K-pop heartthrobs … read more »

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Meyhem Lauren f. Himanshu and Action Bronson, “Special Effects” (Prod. by Harry Fraud) MP3

In March, while everyone else in Austin for SXSW got dehydrated and stood in parking lots, listening to the sound of a lot of bands playing in close proximity to one another, Meyhem Lauren, Himanshu … read more »

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Download Kool A.D.’s 51 Mixtape

Das Racist’s Himanshu Suri and his Greedhead label have been cranking out consistent releases since DR’s first full-length, Relax. DR’s Victor Vazquez bka Kool A.D. is probably the most prolific member of the crew, a … read more »

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Big Baby Gandhi f. Fat Tony, “Lurkin” MP3

There’s something in the tenor of Big Baby Gandhi’s rapping that demands attention. The Queens-bred rapper, signed to Greedhead Music, imbues his rhymes with a sense of urgency, whether he’s getting political as he does … read more »

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