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Stream: Grouper, “Water People” + “Moving Machine”

Liz Harris aka Grouper releases material somewhat under the radar, preferring to work selectively on projects like films with director Weston Currie, and eeking out releases quietly like the very pretty but minimally promoted double … read more »

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Video: Grouper “I Saw a Ray”

Director Weston Currie’s first installment in a series of videos for Grouper’s double album A I A is implicitly terrifying—with all of the action built into ambiguous and slow hyper-slow dissolves and tracking shots. A … read more »

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Video: Grouper, “Alien Observer”

The song may be titled “Alien Observer,” but Hamish Parkinson’s video for Grouper’s ethereal ballad is more intra than extra terrestrial. Zombie-like creatures come out from under the leafy mulch for dirty (literally) make-out sessions … read more »

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Stream: Grouper, “Alien Observer”

If you feel like you never woke up this morning, you can keep riding that somnambulist haze with “Alien Observer”. Off her forthcoming double release Alien Observer and Dream Release (known collectively as A I … read more »

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Silk Flowers

Silk Flowers Go On Tour, Have Grouper Make Their Music Sound Like The Winds Of Death

If you’re familiar with Silk Flowers then you know they can get kinda baroque, which is cool because moping and dancing don’t necessarily have to be mutually exclusive. Their track “Thin Air,” however, is not … read more »

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Audio: Grouper, “Hold”

Listening to Grouper is less about the individual song than the experience. Like, imagine if someone rolled up to you and was like HOT NEW GROUPER JAM IS OUT OF CONTROL and then they played … read more »

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Grouper, “Little Boat” / “Bone Dance (Audrey)” MP3

There is absolutely nothing to grab onto here. Two songs melded into one, no discernible words or riff, just pervasive echo and heavy fog. It’s background music that is powerful enough to flip everything else … read more »

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Grouper and Honey Owens Don’t Want You to Move to Portland

The Portland, Oregon-based advertising agency Wieden + Kennedy has been running with a dope series on its home city called “Don’t Move Here,” a sentiment some of us totally get since we in fact did … read more »

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The FADER Issue 65 Podcast MP3

One song we wish we could have had on this podcast of artists from FADER 65 is a cover of Bel Biv Devoe’s “Poison” by the teenage version of Animal Collective, an actual occurrence that … read more »

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Video: Grouper, “Hold the Way”

Perusing Beautiful Losers scion Aaron Rose’s blog recently, we noticed he’d used something we found familiar as captions. Rose likes to underscore his photos with bits of prose and poetry, usually from ancient sages. But … read more »

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