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Freak Scene: A Year

A couple years ago, crammed in the back of a car, my roommate asked me what my top albums of the year were. I went on a too long rant that could basically be boiled … read more »

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Freak Scene: Growing’s Color Wheel

When I first started hanging out with my friend Jamie, there was music all over his apartment. He was a buyer at Mondo Kim’s, which, at the time, was a massive, multi-story record and video … read more »

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Growing’s Video Tour Diary, Part 3

For part three of Growing‘s brain drain of a video tour diary, they checked in from the beach and brought along some balloons. Growing must have been really into that game where the floor was … read more »


Growing’s Video Tour Diary, Part 1

Growing is on tour. They have a new album, PUMPS, and as if they were synaesthesiacs, they’ll be supplying us with video riffraff, the album’s visual counterpoint. The two videos, above and after the jump, … read more »

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Growing, “Camera 84″ MP3 + Tour Trailer Video

The ad that pops up during Growing‘s tour trailer (which you can catch up after the jump) says “let’s make a baby,” which (no offense) is not the act closest to our minds when listening … read more »

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Video: Growing, “Drone Burger” and “Hormone”

Growing‘s new record is called PUMPS (all caps). They should have that job where you name stuff. Whoever decided a car should be a “Touareg” needs some Growing consultation. Would much rather ghost ride a … read more »

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Growing, “Hormone” MP3

Over the years, Growing has become one of our favorite bands for many reasons: cool hair, slick outfits, hot dancing, ability to put us into weed coma during which we dream about surfing on an … read more »

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New York Independent Music’s Hottest Dateable Former FADER Cover Star and Mogul-Bachelor!

Internet dating is pretty 1999 in general. Speed dating is coming back with a vengeance. Yet apparently the next level in new media matchmaking is becoming interesting/accomplished enough to have a local events magazine write … read more »

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Exclusive Freeload: Growing, “Innit” + Get Weird With IUD Tonight

Usually, putting limitations on yourself helps you create some wild shit. Brooklyn’s Growing use only two guitars and move from quick percussive punches to expansive blooms of fuzzy ambience that eventually envelope the entire song. … read more »

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LA: Ooga Booga Growing Hot Chips

It’s supposed to rain in New York on Sunday so we’re going to fly out to LA for some sun and good times because we ball like that. We’re just gonna to go to this … read more »

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