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Video: Common, “Sweet”

Last night Common premiered the music video for “Sweet” on Ustream, viewable for a $1 donation to Sean Penn’s non-profit J/P Haitian Relief Organization. It was an innovative decision for a man straddling two worlds—that … read more »

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The Cops Don’t Think Wyclef Was Shot in Haiti

We went away for a couple days, returned to a brand new war and this strange, minute but complex news item. On Sunday, Haiti’s 4.7 million voters began the second runoff round of the presidential … read more »

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Some Among Many: Picturing Haiti One Year After Its Earthquake

Two weeks before the earthquake that devastated Haiti one year ago today, FADER photo editor John Francis Peters was there with Suite903′s Judnick Mayard. Peters came back from that trip, which you can read about … read more »

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Premiere: Mr. OK, “Yaya (Bearmod RMX)” MP3

The belchy synths on this remix sound like Canada-based Haitian rapper Mr. OK is sparring with a very hungry green goblin, his Creole flow cutting through the synths with a dragonslayer’s aim. The burbly textures … read more »

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Don’t Worry Wyclef, There’s Always Mayor of New York City in 2014

After a somewhat long and sort of contentious attempt to get his name on the presidential ballot in Haiti this month, it appears Wyclef Jean will absolutely, positively not get the chance to lead that … read more »

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Ghetto Palms 103: Masala / Mr. OK / New Label / Exclusive Music + Interviews!

A lot of people probably first heard about the tropically-oriented music blog called Masala or Masalacism when they got famously shut down by the don’t-be-evil exceptions department at Google a few months back. But if … read more »

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Video: "Everybody's Haitian" PSA

It has been stressed that the earthquake in Haiti was catastrophic not just because of the immediate damage, but moreso the years of recovery and reconstruction that will be needed. Now, more than ever, is … read more »

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Interview: Rosemond Jolissant, Haitian Wunderkind

Suite903′s worldly reach has zoned in on Haiti with an interview with Rosemond Jolissant. A past winner of Digicel Stars (the American Idol of Haiti), he is one of the most promising artists coming out … read more »

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Video: Lupe Fiasco & Kenna, "Resurrection"

This is the official video for the track these dudes made for Haiti, and accordingly it’s a collage of stunning, heartbreaking images from the destruction and recovery. It’s also a good reminder that the post-earthquake … read more »

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NYC: Dancehall Benefit for Haiti Tonight

You know what time it is. We cannot stop donating. It’s our duty in humanity. But if you want to switch up your Medecins sans Frontieres game, tonight’s benefit at Santo’s is where you want … read more »

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