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Download “I Krill You,” Helado Negro’s Humid New Single

UPDATE 7/22/14: “I Krill You” has a dizzying video now; it features Negro’s face and a barrage of blinking, color-shifting visuals. Watching it feels like trying to focus your eyes after staring at a bright … read more »

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Video: Helado Negro, “Dance Ghost”

When we last caught up with multi-instrumentalist Helado Negro, he was collaborating with Julianna Barwick to release music as OMBRE. On “Dance Ghost,” a song from his forthcoming solo LP, he injects his trademark tropical … read more »

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Stream: OMBRE, “Tormentas”

“Tormentas,” the latest single from Julianna Barwick and Helado Negro’s collaboration OMBRE, is a dose of whirring, celestial tropicalia. Over timid arpeggios and modest filters, Negro mutters sweetly in his native tongue. But if you … read more »

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Interview: Julianna Barwick and Helado Negro

After meeting on tour in 2010, Julianna Barwick and Helado Negro began a collaboration called OMBRE, merging her swaying voice and his gentle Ecuadorean growl over zero-stress instrumentation—sometimes just an acoustic guitar, sometimes cloud-parting drone. … read more »

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Rafter, “Timeless Form, Formless Time” (Epstein y El Conjunto Remix f. Matt Crum) MP3

Perusing through the FADER archives, we’ve written a lot of internet words about Rafter Roberts, who uses his soft voice, which is like three steps removed from a whisper to tether his experiments in warm … read more »

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Video: Helado Negro, “Dahum”

Imagine the brainstorming session for this Helado Negro video. It was probably like, “Hey you know those shirts that have an imprint of Jimi Hendrix’s face on them? The ones that are basically a stencil … read more »

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Freeload: Roberto Lange Elastic Island Mix

We posted a track from Roberto Lange aka Helado Negro‘s Asthmatic Kitty debut album and speculated on the Prefuse 73 collaborator’s eclectic music taste. Turns out we were right, as evidenced by this whispy mix … read more »

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Freeload: Helado Negro, “Deja” MP3

The music we love is so often noisy that sometimes we need a song that strums along, like lemon sorbet after a heavy meal. So we enjoyed getting this track from Helado Negro, which places … read more »

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