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The Hill-Side’s Prolific Clothing Collab

The running thread we’ve noticed in each of the Hill-Side’s collections is an emphasis on collaborating with friends, which is always a special thing. A few months back the brand showed crew love by using … read more »

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The Hill-Side’s Breezy Spring Neckwear

The Hill-Side makes scarves, ties, and handkerchiefs for the dudes, girls, and beloved pets in your life. They like to keep it in the family for each lookbook and, for their spring collection, invited their … read more »

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Hickoree’s Hard Goods Makes Thrifting a Bit Easier

This fall, we’ve been seeing old fashioned work shirts on loads of guys, mostly of the denim and navy blue sort. It’s become a certifiable look for New York dudes, but it’s not a style … read more »

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Hickoree’s Sells Toys For Rapscallions

We best knew Hickoree’s Hard Goods as a purveyor of fine sartorial goods, pages and pages of Hill-Side kerchiefs and Tender Co. tees. But on second look, the online store also has a healthy selection … read more »

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Tender Co.’s Literary Inspiration

A graphic t-shirt is certainly nothing new, but fresh and strange variations can keep a classic fresh. Enter these Tender Co. print t-shirts over at Hickoree’s Hard Goods, which were inspired by a literary wellspring … read more »

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Temporary Style With Hickoree’s Hard Goods

When it’s this cold out, we’ll only leave the house if it’s really important. Work, food, and sometimes, clothes. A temporary shop from Hickoree’s Hard Goods, an online purveyor of gentlemanly goods, is as golden … read more »

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