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Exclusive Freeload: The Smith Westerns, “Be My Girl” MP3

The Smith Westerns are from Chicago, and as far as we can tell are either named after a tourist trinket manufacturer in Tacoma or a chain of honkytonk restaurants in south England. Maybe both. Imagine … read more »

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The Singles Collection – Naked On The Vague, Nice Face, Timmy's Organism

Ok, after a few snags and some schedule wrangling, we’re finally ready with our latest all-Sacred Bones edition of The Singles Collection. We’ve made no secret of the fact that we love this label, and true to their ever-stellar form, their latest batch of singles are all absolute must-owns, both from sonic and aesthetic points of view. Since you’ve undoubtedly heard us sing their praises in the past, let’s just get to this latest batch of killer tunes. read more »

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New Music Thursday – Francis Harold & The Holograms

This week, our never ending quest to find you the best new sounds takes us to the remote plains of Bisbee, Arizona, an old mining town that’s since blossomed as an unlikely artistic mecca deep in the desert. It’s here that pummeling death-punk quartet Francis Harold & the Holograms call home, which, given their penchant for ear-splitting noise and shredded songcraft, puts them at odds with the area’s picturesque views and generally calm demeanor. read more »

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