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New Build

New Build, “Finding Reasons” MP3

While Joe Goddard was busy getting intimate with “Gabriel,” his Hot Chip partners Al Doyle and Felix Martin were hard at work on their newest project, New Build. The trio’s new single “Finding Reasons” (featuring … read more »

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Video: Joe Goddard f. Valentina, “Gabriel”

“Gabriel” is a sleeper hit. Joe Goddard, better known as a dude in Hot Chip, has crafted a powerful, melancholy dance track. He owes much of “Gabriel”‘s strength to his vocalist Valentina, who have a … read more »

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Hot Chip

Stream: Shit Robot, “Losing My Patience (Hot Chip Remix)”

Man, Alexis Taylor is everywhere, but we would be too if we had a voice that sounded like fresh honey. Here he is again with his own band, Hot Chip, on a remix that adds … read more »

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La Big Vic

La Big Vic, “Musica” MP3

Been spending a lot of time listening to This Heat lately, partially because the band’s Charles Hayward has been kicking around with Alexis Taylor in About Group, and partially because that band was awesome and … read more »

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Stream: About Group (Alexis Taylor of Hot Chip, Charles Hayward of This Heat, John Coxon of Spiritualized, and Pat Thomas), “Don’t Worry”

Often times when a bunch of dudes get together to form a supergroup it just ends up sounding like a bunch of egos piling into a closet and throwing their arms in the air as … read more »

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XXXChange Win Win

Premiere: Win Win f. Alexis Taylor of Hot Chip, “Interleave (XXXChange’s 1993 Mix)” MP3

Does Alexis Taylor have one of the more underrated singing voices around? Not really sure how to answer our own question, actually. Hot Chip have a lot of fans, but it seems like more of … read more »

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Hot Chip Hot City Bernard Sumner

Video: Hot Chip, Bernard Sumner, and Hot City, “I Didn’t Know What Love Was”

To create this dance heater, Converse helped Alexis Taylor and Joe Goddard of Hot Chip get together with British dance duo Hot City and dreamy guru/founding member of Joy Division and New Order Bernard Sumner. … read more »

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2 bears

2 Bears, “Church (Dub)” MP3 + EP Stream

We’re sending a free FADER windbreaker to the first person who can identify the interview that begins this song: “We’re all part of the same thing, the unity of nature, the vitality of love.” We … read more »

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Picture 1

Tent Posts: Interview With Hot Chip

The Hot Chip dudes work hard. Seriously, have you seen them play? Ok, well imagine that for a billion nights in a row. They get to go to Corsica, sure, but they see if from … read more »

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Tent Posts: Lollapalooza, Day 1

The most perfect response to “Can I see your wristband?” is indeed “Hold on one sec” and then to run as fast as you can. Which is exactly what one young man did, caught illegally … read more »

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