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Premiere Stream: Woven Bones’ Album In and Out and Back Again

On the low, Woven Bones’ In and Out and Back Again is kind of a psych rock record, only instead of being all swirly with guitar solos reaching for the skies, it plumbs the depths … read more »

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Woven Bones, “Guess You Already Knew” MP3

If Austin’s Woven Bones were from New York or California or something we’d be kinda bummed. “Guess You Already Knew” has the kind of tossed-off energy and disaffected riffs that it doesn’t really feel like … read more »

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Woven Bones, “If It Feels Alright” MP3

Based on “If It Feels Alright,” Woven Bones sound like the kind of total assholes who would be like, Hey man can we stay with you? We won’t wreck your house, and it’ll just be … read more »

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Flight, “Feels So Good” MP3

You gotta wonder these days how far this whole lo-fi thing can go. In a couple years will we be recording bands on a Talkboy from 40 miles away and just hoping for some sort … read more »

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Smith Westerns, “Girl in Love” MP3

Not quite as good as the other track with the word “girl” in the title from the same album, but still great, the Smith Westerns excel at making ramshackle snottiness sound endearing. Maybe it’s the … read more »

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