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Download J. Faraday’s Beat Tape #1

From the sound of Houston-based producer J. Faraday‘s recent beat tape, out digitally on Seattle’s Hush Hush Records, there’s bound to be plenty of comparisons to Clams Casino. Like Clams, Faraday loves to weave slowed-down … read more »

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Stream: Kid Smpl, “Nearing”

We’ve checked in with Kid Smpl a few times this fall, and now the up-and-coming Seattle producer has made good on the promise of those tracks, releasing his proper debut album, Skylight, on Hush Hush—out … read more »

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Video: Kid Smpl, “Pulse”

Seattle producer Kid Smpl’s earthen bass music is rendered extra-natural by this mesmerizing video by Ben Anderson, who employs digital mirrors and kaleidoscopes to fold mountains like M. C. Escher. “Pulse” is the third in … read more »

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