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The Guys, “Still Wanna Kill Sam” MP3

FADER PREMIERE The Guys are one of my favorite groups in Chicago right now. Though they’ve only got a handful of tracks out, it’s difficult to pin their sound down. Today, the duo (Fya Starta … read more »

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Ice Cube: Architecture Enthusiast, Eames Lover

If you’ve ever visited Charles and Ray Eames’ home in Pacific Palisades, CA, you’ll know exactly what Ice Cube means when he says, “Everybody who comes here thinks they got the place figured out, but … read more »

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No Mas x Ice Cube Documentary “Straight Outta L.A.” Debuts Tonight

When we first saw James Blagden’s animated piece about Dock Ellis, we couldn’t help but watch it a skillion times a day—No Mas’ heavy back catalog of sports-related knowledge combined with Blagden’s hand in portraiture … read more »

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Freeload: Ice Cube f. WC & The Game, “Get Used To It”

This summer…comes the true story…of a team…that attempted the impossible…and a family…that reached for their dreams… of putting out a song… in which The Game does not rap about another rapper. Didn’t happen but this … read more »

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Video: Killer Mike f. Ice Cube, “Pressure”

At this point it’s almost a bonus that Killer Mike even writes lyrics or thinks about song construction. We could listen to dude talking/ranting/yelling at us about almost anything and it wouldn’t even really have … read more »

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Video: Ice Cube on MTV in 1989

Everybody’s understandably excited about the 20th B’day of Yo! MTV Raps, especially since even the youngest among us remember it being a major source of afterschool and Saturday night entertainment for much of our youths. … read more »

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