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GEN F: Mas Ysa

“I’m yelling a lot, and it’s kind of irksome to imagine that I’m subjecting other people to that.” From the magazine: ISSUE 89, December 2013/January 2014 Unless you frequent hole-in-the-wall Brooklyn venues like 285 Kent … read more »

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Interview: inc.

The Aged brothers are thoughtful and quiet. Though they seem to prefer to let inc. speak for itself, we lured them into an LA park to discuss their album no world, out today. They celebrate … read more »


Interview: John Cale

John Cale, the multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer who lent the Velvet Underground a good deal of their left-of-center musical edge, may be in his seventies, but he seems completely disinterested in looking back. Even when … read more »

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Interview: Juicy J

Both in his day-to-day business and reflecting on his 20-year-deep career, Juicy J is maybe less trippy than you think. The Three 6 Mafia producer turned goofball solo act, currently selling styrofoam cups emblazoned with … read more »

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Interview: Icona Pop

Icona Pop, the hugely endearing Swedish duo of Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo, sat down at FADER offices to tell the story of “I Love It,” explain how they stay glamorous living out of suitcases … read more »

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Interview: Joey Bada$$ and Pro Era

It’s hard to say exactly what sort of impact Joey Bada$$ and the Pro Era crew will have on New York’s rap scene. As younger kids who are excited about rap that came out mostly … read more »

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Interview: Kitty Pryde

We met Kitty Pryde, the divisive teen rapper, outside the US Passport Office in Soho, where she was picking up last-minute documents with an adorable entourage in tow: her dad, her friend from the “Okay … read more »

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Interview: Todd Solondz, Director of Dark Horse

Todd Solondz is a director most famous for his first film, Welcome to the Dollhouse, a cinema display of awkward teen-ness that remains unrivaled in its ability to highlight youth’s weirdest moments. He’s made a … read more »

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Interview: Girls

Girls graced New York with their California sunshine for three days, playing one in-store performance at Other Music and two nights at Bowery Ballroom. We chatted backstage at Bowery with Christopher Owens and JR White … read more »

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Best Coast’s Bethany Cosentino Interviews Her Favorite Designer Dusen Dusen

I was introduced to Dusen Dusen in 2009 when I was interning for The FADER and Ellen Dusen’s designs were fan favorites around the office. I remember very specifically the first time I saw some … read more »

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