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Tent Posts: Interview with Isis

Isis are entering a heavy, full circle summer this year. After 13 years as a band, they’ll be playing their last show in Montreal on June 23—the city in which they played their first show—and … read more »


Tent Posts: Bonnaroo, Day 3

There’s no question that Bonnaroo festival-goers wear a costume of tie-dye, patchwork, and patchouli like we imagined they would, but contrastingly, the acts are actually pretty diverse. There’s no genre—more than any other festival, it … read more »

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Bombshell – Mastodon, Landmine Marathon, Torche

Bombshell is Tripwire contributor Zeena Koda’s monthly metal column. In this, her first installment, Z sits down with Troy Sanders of Mastodon, Grace Perry of Landmine Marathon and the men of Torche. read more »

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Winter Hours

While Winter Hours is staunchly abrasive, if you listen closely, there are definite filigrees of melody throughout. Little sonic oases like “The Great Silence” offer small periods of respite with clean guitar and more atmospheric tones, but this is not a record for the faint of heart. Winter Hours is definitely not going to be the soundtrack for your next holiday gathering. read more »

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Spoils Of Failure

It’s been four years since their Relapse debut, but Buried Inside has not been idle in that time. Few bands have lasted as long or progressed as much with each release. Their Ottawa bailiwick puts them in the same camp of bands like Germany’s equally stunning Daturah that don’t see much of a presence stateside, but this record is well worth searching out. If you like your metal progressive musically as well as politically, the Spoils Of Failure may very well be your gain. read more »

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ISIS Set Date For Fifth Studio Album Release

ISIS has finally set the date for the release of Wavering Radiant, their fifth studio album and fourth with Ipecac Recordings. read more »

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