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Video: J Dilla, “Last Donut of the Night”

Five years after its original release, J Dilla‘s final LP Donuts gets its first label-approved video. This clip for album highlight “Last Donut of the Night” is a handpicked entry from Stones Throw’s Video Contest, … read more »

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Video: Jay Electronica, “Dimethyltryptamine”

If you can still recall the olden days of 2009, you might remember that Roc Nation signee and underground rap’s favorite mystical underachiever Jay Electronica was running around Asia, shooting loose footage and offering tantalizing, … read more »

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Jay Dee, "Rico Suave Bossa Nova" MP3

On October 11th, BBE Records maps the journey through the maze of Gilles Peterson’s 10 years of breaking new music on BBC Radio 1. The living legend has developed more than just a multi-culti playlist, … read more »

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Sign Up For a Newsletter and Get New J Dilla Music

There are worse things to do than sign up for a Stones Throw newsletter to get some free J Dilla music. Like, we could definitely spend the rest of the day doing making a list, … read more »

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Video Exclusive: Black Milk Live at Record Store Day

Suite903 kicked it with Detroit producer/MC Black Milk and his crew Daru Jones (drums), AB (keys), and Bill Sharp (DJ) at Record Store Day on Saturday. What did you do? With the imminent release of … read more »

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Review: Mochilla Presents "Timeless" on DVD

Dilla’s legacy on record will never be forgotten. While hip-hop will forever mourn the loss of it’s shining icons on the mic, the soulful bounce between hip-hop and R&B that will never remain just in … read more »

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Stussy’s J Dilla Documentary, Parts 1-3

With J. Dilla you get the sense that certain people could just talk about him forever, telling stories about the minutiae of a beat or his idiosyncrasies in the studio. The detail of his life … read more »

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Video: Suite for Ma Dukes Orchestra, "Take Notice"

In the words of the Vtech site, the Timeless series from whence this Suite for Ma Dukes Orchesta springs, “honors the musical legacies of some of the greatest composer-arrangers ever. Timeless celebrates the work of … read more »

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Heal Yourself and Move: Full Length Visions 2000-2009

This week’s Heal Yourself And Move—a biweekly column about dance and electronic music, written by Maryland’s finest, Andrew Field Pickering—runs through some of Andrew’s favorite albums of the decade, an often difficult format for what … read more »

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Raekwon f. Cappadonna & Ghostface, “10 Bricks” MP3

A month or so ago, Raekwon came to the office to play a few clips off OB4CL2 and ended up staying for two hours, asking for some produce then mashing more fruit than a blender … read more »

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