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Jagged Edge f. Rick Ross, "Lipstick" MP3

Where are our Coca Cola jeans and cornflower blue suede boots? This song is so late ’80s/early ’90s like a fingerwave—the half fingerwave with mullet back! Jagged Edge knows retro-hairstyles too well because their cornrows … read more »

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Jagged Edge f. Rick Ross, “Lipstick” MP3

And here’s the next chapter in Rick Ross‘ musical quest to turn himself from ominous master of slow drug talk, to ladies’ man who just wants you to come over and chill on his white … read more »

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Video: Jagged Edge f. Gucci Mane & Trina, "Tip of My Tongue"

MAAAAAN Jagged Edge is back like they never left: leather vests and hoes by the pool. We have no problem with that because we missed these dudes. We wonder if they all still live together? … read more »

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Video: Jagged Edge f. Trina and Gucci Mane, “Tip of my Tongue”

The noticeably absent Gucci might have phoned this one in, but his voice sounds extra hoarse, and rapping over the languid “Moments in Love” sample is never bad. Honestly, our office-mate’s Cookie Monster impression would … read more »

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Jagged Edge, "You Look Good With Me" MP3

Jagged Edge, how are you so good at romancing us? It’s really unnerving how weak and faint-y we get when we hear one of your songs about how awesome we are and how awesome you … read more »

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Jagged Edge, Not Eaten By Wolves as Previously Assumed

Not one, but two new joints from Jagged Edge! read more »

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Jagged Edge To Jermaine Dupree: "Kiss Our Jagged Ass"

Jagged Edge is tired of playing hide and go seek. read more »

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